Tell Congress to Move #TelehealthForward

Right now, Congress is drafting, debating, and revising legislation that will have a lasting impact on the future of telemedicine. What is decided in Washington, DC is critical to patients, providers, and payers alike.

One of these bills—the CONNECT for Health Act—is especially important. Currently, Medicare relies on an outmoded approach to managing the needs and costs for the growing number of beneficiaries with multiple chronic conditions, who are homebound, or at-risk for inpatient stays.  Archaic reimbursement policies make it nearly impossible for Medicare patients in rural and urban areas to gain access to the high-quality care they deserve.

Another vital piece of legislation that’s made great headway is the CHRONIC Care Act. The bill, introduced by Senator Orrin Hatch (R-UT), has been scored favorably by the Congressional Budget  Office (CBO), and is making its way to the Senate floor. The bill includes provisions that would break down barriers on telestroke use, reduce barriers so people can receive more in-home care, allow Medicare Advantage to tailor programs to beneficiaries, and and allow patients and providers more discretion and options.

The CONNECT for Health and CHRONIC Care Acts would remove major barriers to telemedicine expansion in Medicare, making it easier for patients to connect with their health care providers and helping to reduce costs. That’s why ATA supports these bills as key pieces of legislation we need to move #TelehealthForward.

This October, you have the opportunity to join fellow industry leaders to inform legislators of the key issues, challenges, and opportunities facing telemedicine at ATA’s Lobby Day. 

After a briefing by ATA policy leadership and a send-off by CONNECT for Health co-sponsor Senator Brian Schatz (D-HI), EDGE 2017 attendees will bring their passion to Capitol Hill. Armed with talking points about key legislation and leave-behinds, EDGE 2017 attendees will ensure that policy makers understand the issues discussed during the forum.

What’s the best way to prepare yourself for these meetings with legislators? Attending EDGE 2017. Register now.

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