Gerard L. Coté, Ph.D.

Director @ TEES Center for Remote Health Technologies and Systems

Gerard L. Coté is the Director of the Center for Remote Health Technologies and Systems, Director of the NSF PATHS-UP ERC, and holder of the James J. Cain Professor I in Biomedical Engineering at Texas A&M University.  His research focuses on biomedical sensing for diagnostic and monitoring applications. Specifically, he develops innovative hand-held and wearable point-of-care technologies and systems using optics, electronics, microfluidics, paper fluidics, nanoparticles, and assays. The applications include glucose sensing methods for diabetes management, point-of-care detection of cardiac biomarkers to diagnose myocardial infarction (heart attack), salivary biomarkers for diagnosing oral cancer detection, detection of infectious disease such as malaria at the point-of-care, and detection of toxicants such as BPA and PCBs in blood.  His recent focus has been the development of wearable and hand-held medical devices for underserved populations.  He has coauthored over 300 publications, proceedings, and abstracts, leading to him being named Fellow of four societies (IEEE, SPIE, BMES, and AIMBE). Dr. Coté has also been recognized Texas A&M Association of Former Students for the Distinguished Achievement Award for Research and Distinguished Achievement Award for Teaching. He was also awarded the 2018 IEEE Sensors Council Technical Achievement Award in the area of Sensors for pioneering research and a distinguished career of service to the profession. Beyond fundamental research, Dr. Coté performs translational research and is an entrepreneur.  He holds several U.S. patents, works with large and small companies, and has co-founded four medical device companies namely; DexNeo, BioTex, BasePair BioTechnologies, and Visualase (acquired by Medtronic).