New, Improved Fall Forum Format

Interactive Learning Labs

At EDGE 2017, you will experience the power of shared knowledge and real-world problem solving through 75-minute learning labs and hands-on sessions designed to foster conversation. Each lab will be a 360-degree collaboration, led by a diverse group of industry thought leaders.

Attendees will work side-by-side to tackle the most critical issues facing the telemedicine industry today through the lens of: rural access, specialty care, personal health, and patient engagement. Participants will walk away with what  matters most—practical strategies, key insights, and the tools to create real, lasting change.

The ATA Business Exchange

Our new Business Exhange is a series of one-on-one conversations designed to accommodate your business needs.

You’ll have the opportunity to be introduced to solution providers who will help enable you to optimize your organization’s telehealth program. Each meeting will give you 20 minutes of one-on-one conversations allowing you to explore the perfect products and services for your telehealth needs. You are encouraged to set up appointments in advance which you will be able to do through the EDGE mobile app. ATA will also recommend in advance solution providers for you to meet with based on your responses during the registration process.

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